CARL WELKISCH (1888 - 1984) as an Advisor, spiritual healer, christian mystic, friend - foto album

Carl Welkisch

healer and mystic - 1888-1984

Carl Welkisch as an Advisor

Anyone who knew Carl Welkisch also at some time came to ask him for advice. His perception and his view of things were completely intriguing for those seeking guidance. And Carl Welkisch would really listen to a person, with interest, with genuine sympathy.

Sometimes he was quite limited in his remarks even if he knew the solution or the answer to a question. Why? As a friend he wanted dearly to answer and to help with no restraint at all, while as a mystic he often was silent and could not be persuaded to utter a word. Sometimes, when he was repeatedly asked why this was so then he answered. I could say something to your question but it is better and correct if you find the answer by yourself.

So he always addressed the personal responsibility of the person who was seeking help. That person was then able to be truly free to form his or her own life and make his or her own decisions.

One of the most important tasks for every person is to decide between what is false and true in personal life. The answer to this essential question can only be found by the person most directly involved. No other person can presume that from his or her own perspective, a person can peer deeply into the order of the world and find an answer for another to an existential question, unless that person receives his or her advisory answer as a gift from heaven, that is, has expressed insight into the life path of another. Carl Welkisch now and then did receive such insight, and still, in general, kept it to himself, even when the person involved put him under pressure to answer. He then explained that it was better that each person find the answers to his own questions for him or herself. Of course, this only applies in a limited way to children and does not mean that parents have no responsibility to give their children orientation in life matters.

Sometimes friends or visitors came to Carl Welkisch with a collection of questions. If then the opportunity arose to address the issues, often the person seeking advice would find that he or she could unexpectedly answer the question alone or that the questions themselves now seemed completely irrelevant.

When Carl Welkisch began to speak on his own impulse likewise, listeners not rarely found that he had answered personal questions which had not even been spoken about up to that point.

In this way Carl Welkisch as an advisor maintained the internal order which is crucial to each person in all life situations and paths is crucial and led people to the right solution of their own problems. Each person must find his or her own way to this order. Carl Welkisch supported each persons individual life path through his activities as an advisor.